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  • Shenzhen's food science and technology Limited company
  • Hotline:0755-84888996
  • Phone:0755-84888696
  • Landline:0755-84888996
  • Fax:0755-84888955
  • Address:Shenzhen Longgang District Pingshan new district the River Ridge Community Zhuyuan Second Industrial Zone No. 6
  • Current Location:HOME - Engineering

    The Earl of Dongguan Le Grand Large Hotel
    Le Grand Large Hotel Suzhou
    Grand Felicity Hotel Zhaoqing
    Xiamen Baolong Le Grand Large Hotel
    The Point Inn & Suites Changsha
    InterContinental Hotel Huizhou
    Wuhan Happy Valley theme park
    Orient Hotel Shanghai
    Crowne Plaza Hotel Shenzhen

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    • Address:Greeting Longgang District, River Ridge community
    • Chuk Yuen second industrial zone on the 6th
    • Hotline:0755-84888996
    • Fax:0755-84888955
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