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    Chinese cooker series for all types of restaurants to provide fast, the firepower is sufficient andnecessary equipment of flavour in cooking. All stainless steel shell and modular design, withstrong wind and high quality heat insulation furnace head, ensure the safety and sanitation.

    Designed specifically for Chinese cooking Chinese frying stove burner, a high performance fullfirepower, adjustable switch, is the ideal equipment for cooking.

    The main features

    Security: a variety of flameout protection device, prevent gas leakage and emergency;

    Environmental protection: the nitric oxide emission from value is lower than the national standardvalue 1/10;

    Quiet: when the noise of 70 dB, 85 dB lower than the national standard;

    Energy saving: a new stove, save fuel by 30%.

    Application of gas:

    Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and artificial gas three optional adapter

    Size (mm) Dimensions (mm)

    Wide Width 12002150

    Deep Depth 11501150

    High Height 800+450

    Fan (W) Blower (W) 370550

    Heat Burner Rating (card / h) (Kcal/hr) 4200084000

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