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    The Earl of Dongguan Le Grand Large Hotel

    • Unit:The Earl of Dongguan Le Grand ...
    • Species:Kitchen engineering ...
    • Location:Chinese Guangdong Dongguan
    • Time:2015-04-11

  • The Earl of Dongguan Le Grand Large Hotel, a total area of 3000 square meters, a total area of 3000 square meters, two floors, the beautiful decoration., have a style of one's own style. The hotel has all kinds of warm and comfortable rooms, the room is equipped with high-definition LCD TV, computer, refrigerator, air conditioning, brand luxury bathroom, chess entertainmentfacilities.

    The hotel sets leisure, entertainment, Food as one, set in the Chinese restaurant and WesternCoffee hall, to provide you with the right to enjoy enjoy all over the place, the Chinese and Western Food trip. In addition, the store also has a large parking lot, quality service allows you to experience the warm feelings of Guests feel at home.

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