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    Low noise centrifugal fume cabinet (the cabinet) is my company developed a new fan developedbased on the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, has the advantages of high efficiency, large air volume, low noise, beautiful appearance, firm structure, convenient installation, smooth operation, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, put on the market has been praised by users.

    The company designed and manufactured a wind cabinet has more than ten kinds of models,the same machine, to achieve different performance parameters are divided into type I (single speed) and type II (double speed) of two types, the user can according to different places and different purposes of use.

    Product features:

    1, the wind box, the box plate profile frame assembly design, box board uses the steel platebending with high-quality zinc plate or cold, double has duplex structure, interior filled with heat insulation soundproof material, which can effectively reduce the noise.

    The 2 core components of wind turbine, wind cabinet, bearing and shaft are made of importednot see. Wind round the use of USA LAU industrial products, imported from Japan NSK bearing,spindle adopts imported high quality steel refined.

    3, the combination assembly type structure design and production. Under special circumstances,can not move when the crane, can not see apart, reassembled at the installation site.

    4, A, B type for the user to choose varieties:

    Type A: this type of motor external, wind cabinet is mainly used as ventilation, fire smoke and exhaust gas fan with;

    Type B: this type of built-in motor, fan cabinet is mainly used as the ventilation and air conditioning fan with;

    5, the cabinet can provide different air inlet, air outlet direction of the product, which can meet the different installation site and to the wind pipe requirements.

    Product use:

    Ventilation for buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hotel, hall, hospital, cinema, basement, factory,restaurant, kitchen and other places with the exhaust gas by.

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